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OV Technology has grown tremendously from a modest beginning to an established brand by providing quality services for our clients. Our company has settled its foothold in the diversified fields such as e-governance, etc.

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E-Mitra is an aggressive e-governance maiden of Government of Rajasthan (GOR) which is being implemented in all 33 districts of the state using Public Private Partnership. Generally, it is handled by the Department of Information Technology with the help of local service providers.

OV Technology is one of the channel partners of Rajasthan government for its E-Mitra. OV technology is an LSP which provides new eMitra centers, help them and provide technical support. This means that OV technology is acting as a mediator between the Government and emitra operators.

However, the main aim of the e-Mitra website is to use an online platform to combine all Rajasthan Government info and services under a single roof using e-platform.

We have expanded our services in multiple domains, from taxation, insurance, indicash atm franchise to RKCL(Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited). Recently, we have incorporated e-Mitra solutions into our service list. We facilitate the application for this new scheme from the Rajasthan government. In addition, we also offer consultation to ensure our clients have full knowledge about this new process.

- What is e-Mitra?

Over the years, the Rajasthan government has taken several initiatives to improve the lifestyle of people, make government services readily available for them, offer more flexibility in schemes and government benefits, and so on. One such initiative the government undertook in recent years is the launch of the e-Mitra.

It is part of an e-governance initiative where the residents of Rajasthan can avail themselves of different government services online without actually visiting the office in person. Its primary goal is to bring all services and information centers under one roof, introducing a centralized platform for better performance and service deliverability. Currently, you can avail of more than 600 services from emitra.


Following are some of the areas in which e-Mitra has been implemented:

  • Agriculture: From the agricultural point of view, people can use e-Mitra to fill out forms for various subsidies and licenses, like applications for pipelines and farm implements, licenses for using restricted pesticides, and so on.
  • DISCOM: Submission of utility bills under Rajasthans state government and placing a new request for electrical connections.
  • Commercial tax includes VAT filing and registration, GST and filing, and so on.
  • Finance: It will allow you to register and enter all challan details for eGRAS.
  • Election: You can apply for the addition or modification of your name for the electoral commission, lodge new complaints, or print the electoral roll form and ticket.
  • Home: Through e-Mitra, you will be able to submit a bonafide letter with ease. According to the new plans, Rajasthan Government authority may include land and property registration, construction of new properties on government lands, etc.
  • Forest: With the help of e-Mitra, people can apply for permission to visit the Ranthambore, Keoladeo, and Sariska national parks in Rajasthan.
  • Labor: You can apply to extract fees under different state and central government schemes. You can also connect with the medical and health sciences directorate r submit forms for getting the FSSAI license to make the food and drug product compliant with the rules and regulations.
  • Industries: With this, people can avail themselves of EMI and EM2 services under Udyog Aadhar.
  • Jaipur Development Authority: You can easily submit fee applications under various schemes for Jaipur Development Authority.
  • Revenue: With e-Mitra, you can avail several revenue services like caste application filling and submission, consent for division of government land, application for the minority certificate, and so on.
  • Transport: You can deposit the fees for the driving license of a beginner, application for a new driving license, renewal of the permit before expiration, application for a duplicate license, and so on.

- Kiosk

Kiosk are known as small outlets through which frontend services are offered to the residents of Rajasthan. So far, 36,000 kiosks have been set up across different districts and rural and urban areas of Rajasthan. Government representatives sit at these centres and facilitate the application filling and submission process for a more straightforward work process.

Any person needed to avail of the government service under the e-Mitra scheme must visit the physical kiosk location. Upon arrival, they need to fill out the government service's concerned form, attest all the required documents, and submit everything. If any fee is applicable for application submission and processing, the person will only need to pay the fees at the kiosk. Other than the appropriate fee, no additional charges will be levied.

The kiosks are open for people living in the rural and urban areas and those eligible to avail of the e-Mitra services. Therefore, you can consult our representatives to understand if you are eligible to avail of the e-Mitra services through a kiosk or not.


Now, the amount and the documents are transferred to the authorities and process the payment digitally. And the consumer receives the digitally signed certificate with regards.


- eMitra SSO

SSO or Single Sign-On is a mobile application for e-Mitra with which people can easily avail of the services offered under this scheme. Users require login credentials to access the application and proceed with their work. The certificates are universal, which means people can use them to sign in to any application related to e-Mitra. This has reduced the hassles of having multiple credentials for the same apps.

- eMitra Plus Machine

The purpose of “E-Mitra Plus” is to bring benefits of government and private services to the people of the state through modern technology.

E-Mitra Plus includes complete digitalization that will enable residents to avail benefits of any service without requiring of going to Govt offices.

E-Mitra Plus will serve various services under one roof to the larger population in rural areas of Rajasthan, so it will reshape reliability and Transparency towards Government in terms of trust.

E-Mitra Plus Project fosters awareness activities in rural areas to use Government schemes and Policies.

E-Mitra Plus is dynamic Kiosk delivers a robust service delivery mechanism that displays digital signages to guide you to complete process in a simplified manner.

E-Mitra Plus has access to various services on a single click. This one-stop service delivery touch screen kiosk is fully automated with no manual intervention required.


- Key Facilitation of E-Mitra Plus Kiosk

  • A dual screen multifunctional kiosk
  • Service delivery and Video conference (VC)/ broadcasting of content
  • A Touch screen as ‘Transaction Screen’ used to print copy of certificates like
    • Birth and Death Certificates
    • Caste and Character Certificates
    • Minority Certificate
    • Solvency Certificate
    • Digitally Signed Copy of Land Records
    • Utility Bill Payments
      • Post Paid Phone Bills BSNL/IDEA/Vodafone/Airtel
      • Electricity bills Tata Power/DISCOM/BKESL/BESL/KEDL
      • Water Bills PHED
    • Submission of online application forms/Grievances Retrieval
    • Information Access
  • ‘VC Screen’ would be used for video conferencing purpose and content broadcasting
  • Used metallic alphanumeric keyboard with track ball/ track pad to key-in the required details.
  • Accept required fees through a single - denomination cash acceptor machine
  • The currency acceptor is capable of fake note identification and illegal currency
  • Equipped with STQC & UIDAI certified finger print biometric reader for user authentication
  • Equipped with Debit/Credit Dash card reader
  • After every transaction thermal printer shall generate receipt for the transaction
  • Multifunctional dual screen
  • Live broadcasting of new content, video conferences, and service delivery
  • Transaction touch screen to print copies for death ad birth certificates, solvency certificates, caste and minority certificates, and so on.
  • Incorporation of an alpha-numeric plate to type in the details on the forms and applications
  • Integrated cash acceptor machine with a single denomination to accept the fees for any application
  • Identifies any illegal currency ad fake note to prevent any scam with the e-Mitra Plus Machine
  • UIDAI and STQC are implemented to scan fingerprints for user validation
  • Card reader for debit and credit cards from different banks
  • Thermal printer to generate receipt on the transactions

- Benefits of the e-Mitra

The e-Mitra scheme has proven to be extremely helpful for the people of Rajasthan. In this following section, we have explained how e-Mitra can offer more leverage to people and different industries.


No need to visit the government centre:

One of the significant benefits of implementing the e-Mitra services in Rajasthan is the elimination of the hassles of visiting the government sectors to carry out different processes, especially bill submission, application submission, and so on. For instance, people can submit the electric bills through the e-Mitra SSO app or the kiosk without going to the electricity bill centre. Similarly, this new scheme allows people to fill out our GST registration or minority certificate form.

Amalgamation of digital technology

The e-Mitra scheme has given the Rajasthan government more leverage to amalgamate digital technology in the state. Rajasthan is considered one of India's outdated states due to its poor economy, lack of modern facilities, and geographical reasons.

But with e-Mitra, the state government can work on introducing digital technology and streamline the operations with ease. This will further reduce the chances of errors in application filling and submission processes.


Ease of operation

People do not need to depend on anyone else to fill a form, renew any license, apply for caste and minority certificates, etc. Using the SSO or kiosk of e-Mitra, they can perform the tasks by themselves. Therefore, the ease of operation has gone from 10 to 100 post the launch of e-Mitra.

Faster government application processing

With the introduction of e-Mitra, no third party will be involved between the common people and the government officials or agencies handling various operations. They can directly submit the forms, apply for different certificates and licenses, and so on. This ensured the government processes could speed up and the users get the results at the earliest.


Enhanced transparency

Also, e-Mitra has introduced a higher level of transparency between the government and ordinary citizens of Rajasthan. They know the application fee to be submitted, the reasons for rejection, the status of a particular application, and so on.

Bridging the gaps between rural and urban areas

Finally, with the establishment of e-Mitra, the gaps between the rural and urban areas can be bridged easily. the facilities people enjoyed while living in urban areas are now available for rural people.


- The Online Application Process for eMitra Registration

Are you planning to apply for the new e-Mitra center as a new user but cannot find the right solution provider?

If yes, do not wait anymore because OV Technologies is here to help you with the entire application and registration process.


Eligibility Criteria for eMitra Registration

The following conditions need to be met if you want to apply for an new eMitra kiosk registration and get approval from the concerned government authority.

1. The applicant needs to complete class 10th education.
2. Knowledge about the internet and computer is a must.
3. Typing quality and speed in Hindi and English language should be higher.
4. The person needs to know about various online forms, the fields the customer needs to fill, and so on.

The Essential Requirement for Setting up an eMitra Kiosk

Before you begin offering services through the e-Mitra kiosk, you need to arrange certain things so your application can get approved and easily streamline all the operations.

1. Computer and printer for accessing the internet, using the e-Mitra website, and printing all the forms and other certificates.
2. Biometric fingerprint scanner is necessary for user verification and validation
3. A Binder machine is required to create the files with ease
4. A proper internet connection is needed. Opt for WiFi LAN or WAN network is better than any base LAN or mobile hotspot.


- Documents Required for the eMitra Center Registration

Note :- You must submit multiple documents without fail to get approval for the e-Mitra kiosk. If you don't have any of these documents, first notify the officials. A brief list of e-Mitra kiosk documents is as follows:

S. No. Enclosure Category      /      Enclosure Type
1 Sso id- https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/signin ( आधार कार्ड या जन आधार कार्ड से)
2 One Photograph Passport Size. ( एक पासपोर्ट आकार के फोटोग्राफ )
3 Jan Aadhar Card ( जन आधार कार्ड कॉपी )
4 Aadhar Card ( आधार कार्ड )
5 Qualification Certificate ( योग्यता प्रमाण पत्र )
6 Pan Card ( पेन कार्ड )
7 Police Verification ( पुलिस सत्यापन रिपोर्ट )
8 Bank passbook ( बैंक पासबुक )
9 Application Form ( आवेदन पत्र )
10 Address Proof ( पते का सबूत ) ( Rent Agreement, Electricity Bill )
11 Affidavit on 50/-rs Stamp ( शपथ पत्र )


A. e-Mitra kiosk is a physical outlet operated by a person. On the other hand, the e-Mitra Plus Machine is a virtual kiosk with a digital interface.

If you are 18 years old and have completed class 10th, you can apply for the e-Mitra kiosk.

The time duration from submitting the e-Mitra kiosk application and approval depends on the documents provided, the eligibility criteria, and so on.

There are no initial fees that need to be deposited to get access to the e-Mitra kiosk.

Once your application or e-Mitra kiosk is granted, you will be given a license number.

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